Welcome to Cistercian College which is located on the grounds of Mount St. Joseph Abbey. The College is surrounded by open fields and woodland and provides a unique holistic educational experience for the students.

Cistercian College is inspired by the monastic presence and the Cistercian tradition of common life that includes prayer, study, work and recreation. In keeping with our Mission Statement we are an inclusive community. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds while encouraging an appreciation for the Catholic faith.

We are committed to living as a community that values each of its members. Each student is an individual with different talents and skills. We provide our students with the guidance and support to develop these talents enabling them to reach their unique potential.

Respect is one of the College’s core values, respect for oneself, respect for the dignity of each person in the College community and respect for the values and reputation of the College.

Students are kept occupied through a well-balanced daily routine in academics, sports and music. The daily programme is modelled on the Benedictine practice which includes work, prayer and study. Our structured programme ensures that all students develop maturity and responsibility and become accustomed to a disciplined lifestyle.

Pastoral care at Cistercian College involves supporting and encouraging each student physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each year group has a Care Team who have a particular responsibility for the welfare of students in that year. They meet regularly to discuss the students under their care. They meet with the students and communicate with the parents and with the other staff. We have a residential nurse and a health care facility. The value of care is developed in our students through our mentoring system. Each first year student is mentored by a senior year student who looks out for them and to whom the first year can go to for support. These mentors also communicate with the Care Teams.

Cistercian College stays true to its core values including respect, inclusivity, uniqueness and work. The staff of the College have a shared objective which is to ensure that the students under their care receive a well-balanced and holistic education and that they will develop core values that will stand to them for life.

Gerry Grealish
Cistercian College.