Each year the College awards a limited number of scholarships to select students who show an exceptional aptitude in the areas of Academics, Sport and Music. In addition, financial bursaries may also be available based on the financial circumstances of the student and his family.

The College may carry out an entrance assessment to decide upon the awarding of academic scholarships. Applicants for a sports scholarship are generally limited to First year students.  In the assessment process all relevant medical history should be disclosed. The audition and interview forms an integral part of the application process for the musical scholarships. The bursary sub-committee of the Board of Management has overall responsibility for administering the programme and will engage closely with the relevant members of staff in the college in terms of processing the nominations and deciding to whom the scholarships are awarded.

The Board of Management reserves the right to withdraw a portion or all of the scholarship for any repeated or serious breach of the College’s Code of Behaviour. Continuation of the scholarship is conditional on satisfactory annual progress reports to be reviewed by the bursary sub-committee.