“Cistercian College caters for all individuals with a diverse range of talents and each individual’s talents are nurtured and developed to enable everyone to achieve their potential. More than anything else, this is what makes me proud to be a CCR man.”


“It seems to me, that if there’s one change from beginning to end that really says it all, it’s a 12 year old me asking my parents “Why am I going to this school ?”, to the 18 year old simply saying “Thank you”.


“CCR has a wide and varied list of subjects, all taught in a professional manner by teachers who are truly concerned for the educational development of each and every student. In addition, the curriculum extends far beyond the classroom, encompassing everything from sports to the arts , creating well rounded young men who leave school not just with knowledge through education, but with knowledge of life.”

“At CCR your child is not just a number, they become part of the CCR family, and as such become a part of something much greater than themselves.   The care that is shown to each and every student is evident throughout the school, and it is this that encourages each boy to care for his fellow students, and his fellow man.”

“The school takes the responsibility vested in them by parents very seriously. Parents are constantly kept informed, of both how their own child is getting on and what is going on in the school in general. If there is an issue with a student, either in or outside the classroom, the school will deal with it in a professional and sympathetic manner, involving the parents where it deems appropriate. This sense of responsibility, coupled with absolute impartiality, is vital to the success and personal growth of each student.”